Monday, 31 May 2010

Goodbye Craft Blog, Hello Liquorice

I'm sad to say that I will no longer be posting at this blog. It's getting really hard for me to maintain two blogs, and I think in part that's because I get overwhelmed with having to update two blogs. I feel bad if I post at one and not the other.

I will still be crafting, and I will still be showing off the things I make, just at my Real Life Blog. Considering I'm thinking of giving up trying to sell my crafts, and will just stick to making them for fun, or as presents (for the time being anyway), it seems silly to separate the two of them. I hope you'll all visit me at Love, Life and Liqorice, and will enjoy my posts there, just as much as the ones here!

The Etsy and Folksy shops will stay open for now, although keep watching the other blog for special offers and giveaways for when I get sick of trying to sell them!

This hasn't been an easy choice to make, and this hasn't been an easy blog post to write, but I hope everyone will support the decision for now. And, please, do keep reading the other blog. It's much more interesting!

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