Monday, 31 May 2010

Goodbye Craft Blog, Hello Liquorice

I'm sad to say that I will no longer be posting at this blog. It's getting really hard for me to maintain two blogs, and I think in part that's because I get overwhelmed with having to update two blogs. I feel bad if I post at one and not the other.

I will still be crafting, and I will still be showing off the things I make, just at my Real Life Blog. Considering I'm thinking of giving up trying to sell my crafts, and will just stick to making them for fun, or as presents (for the time being anyway), it seems silly to separate the two of them. I hope you'll all visit me at Love, Life and Liqorice, and will enjoy my posts there, just as much as the ones here!

The Etsy and Folksy shops will stay open for now, although keep watching the other blog for special offers and giveaways for when I get sick of trying to sell them!

This hasn't been an easy choice to make, and this hasn't been an easy blog post to write, but I hope everyone will support the decision for now. And, please, do keep reading the other blog. It's much more interesting!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bank Holiday Discount

I know it's a little bit late to be posting about it, but I've decided to give a 20% discount in my Etsy Shop this weekend. Any purchases made up until Midnight on Monday will have 20% of the purchase price refunded back to them, within 48 hours of payment being recieved! This doesn't include postage!

So take a look, and buy something that takes your fancy! I'm offering this on all items!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

New Listings

I have finally got around to listing some sock creatures over at both my Etsy Shop and my Folksy Shop. There are some new creatures, as well as some you may have seen before, along with some pairs of socks.

As a sneek peek, here's some pictures of my newest creations:

I've also made this funky little creature:

But she's not for sale - she's going to be a birthday present for the boyfriend's niece. She watched me making her and fell in love with her, and as her birthday's next week it just felt really mean not to give it to her!

Today I'm planning on sewing up another monkey, and if there's time, I might sew some new socks, so keep an eye out for more listings soon!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Some Crafty Stuff

I've been up to a little bit recently, in the craft world, and I have some pictures to show now. They are bad, for which I apologise - they were taken with my phone because I've misplaced my camera again! But hopefully they'll give you some idea of what I've been up to!

First up, a new monkey:

He's the first one I've made in a while actually, and I think he's a little on the skinny, gangly side. He is for sale though. He's £12, and I can list him in either my Etsy, or Folksy shop if anyone wants him. And because I love you all so much, if you post here, or email me that you want him, I won't charge you for postage!

Next up - a sock I'm working on - it's a mothers day present for my step mother (I haven't even started the ones for my mum yet! Thank the gods I still have a week before I go to Bristol!):

I've also made another pom-pom hat, which I still need to list in the shops. Again, if you want it, I can list if just for you, and won't charge Postage. The hat is £8!

And finally, some pincushions. I've never made pincushions before, and as I'm still getting used to my new sewing machine, I thought it might give me some practice sewing in nice straight lines. I still need to work on that! These are also my first attempt at patchworking too, and I know, it's really wonky and still needs work. But on the whole, I think I'm pretty happy with them all!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Kind Of Slow

As the title says, I'm kind of slow on the crafting front at the moment. I've made a pair of socks, and I'm about halfway through another hat, but other than that, I've not really got a lot done.

I'm really quite keen to get my sewing machine out now, but I still have nowhere to put it, which is really quite irritating.

And unless putting Lego together counts as crafting, I've actually really not got anything left to say. :(

More interesting posts to follow. Promise.

Oh, one more thing, my business cards arrived. If anyone wants one, or wants to do anything with one, let me know! Comments are the preffered method, if you leave an email address!

Saturday, 30 January 2010


As I mentioned over on my other blog, I've been making a new style of hat, that seems to be going down well. So well in fact, that I've been commisioned to make two more!

One I've already done, and it's gone off to it's new owner (who loved it, and wore it round the office all day!) and the other is half done, but is awaiting the arrival of some new wool!

Here is the hat that started it all:

I really must apologise for the picture. It is a)dark, and b) of me, in my pyjamas, wearing the hat! I hope it still shows how cool it is. Basically, it's a beanie type thing, with a pom-pom either side. I think it kinda looks like ears!

Here is the first one I made on commission, for a work colleague:

The other one I've been asked to make is for another colleague's little boy. It's in the same grey wool as mine, only with blue pom-poms instead of pink! I'm hoping this will lead to more commission type stuff, although it's definately got me thinking that people do want my stuff, it's just a case of getting myself known out there!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Crafting...

Yes, that's a bad pun. Due to the snow (and we have a lot of it here!), I've mostly been too tired to do any crafting when I've got home from work. Trekking to and from work in snow up to my ankles is not something I particularly do again, but as we're apparently getting a blizzard tomorrow, I think I'll have to!

So, no pictures at the moment - I can only say that I have been knitting socks, and pictures will follow at some point!

Also, I'm taking part in the Etsy Baby Shower. Not because I'm having a baby, but because I want to get some socks out there in the world, and what better way than by giving them to gorgeous little newborns and their mums?!